Monday, July 13, 2009

Read Any Good Books?

Read any good books lately? I bet many of you didn’t know that here at the museum we have one pretty amazing library filled with books, catalogs, and even movies featuring all types of artwork and artists. I, myself, just learned how impressive this library actually is after sitting down to speak with the library volunteers. (Which, might I add, are some of the most dedicated of all the Museum staff). A little room off to the side, the Asheville Art Museum’s Library was created during the last Museum expansion in late 1999/2000. Though small in size the library holds an impressive amount of literature. While the emphasis rests on 20th and 21st Century American Art, there is at least one book that represents almost every major art period around the world. The library also holds a small TV where you can watch any of the DVDs or VHS that the library has. As a staple in the community, the Art Museum is happy to inspire those who wish to fulfill their dreams artistically. We provide for the community one of the largest collections of Art books in the WNC area. Tourists, students, collectors, anyone is welcomed to come browse our books. The community plays an important part in the library's existence. Almost every book in the library has been generously donated from members of the community and meticulously cataloged by volunteers. Without the generous help of so many, this library wouldn’t be half of what it is today. Still, there is always room to grow, and the museum is always open for new donations or even those who wish to help catalog. The more books we receive the better the library so please donate!

In conjunction with this library, "book-mania" I am happy to announce a new book club here at the Asheville Art Museum this fall. "Discussion Bound" will meet every second Tuesday from 3:00 to 5:00 starting in October. By reading books that correlate with the art in our galleries, we look forward to exchanging ideas and learning about books, art and each other! Discussions will be held in our lovely library with ventures into the galleries to have a 360 view into the book the art and each other. The line up for this season: I Bought Andy Warhol, by Richard Polsky; Bluebeard: A Novel, by Kurt Vonnegut; and Collections of Nothing, by William Davies King.

So, next time someone asks you if you've read any good books lately... you can say proudly: "Thanks to The Asheville Art Museum, I have!"

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